New certification in our Brightway team!

We wish to congratulate our colleague Diana Basoc for her recent Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification!

In a challenging business environment like the one of our partners, it is important to be connected to a variety of concepts, methodologies and programs that can help business growth. Lean Six Sigma emphasizes the need of shorter and faster processes inside a business by reducing variation in defects, time and material.

“Lean Six Sigma consists in five steps that can lead to its objective: define the problem, measure the processes, analyze the root causes, improve the issue and control plan.

During Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification, I had the opportunity to deeply analyze all of these steps and assimilate the key concepts related to each of them. I strongly believe that a business can improve its processes based on Lean Six Sigma and we look forward to integrate it in our educational portfolio in the near future.”

Diana Basoc,

Senior Trainer @ Brightway

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