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About us

Mihai Arghire


Unlocking human potential and inspiring organizations to become the power of change for a thriving world.



Our mission is to improve peoples’ quality of life by delivering innovative educational programs and management tools that address the daily challenges of individuals, teams and business organizations.



INTRAPRENEURSHIP. We encourage people’s initiative, ability to make decisions and work autonomously under the umbrella of Brightway quality standards.

INNOVATION. We create solutions that facilitate the evolution of the business environment and the progress of the surrounding social community.

AUTHENTICITY. We believe that discovering your true self is the basis of every durable development process. The liberty that every team member has to be authentic generates added value for our partners.

USER EXPERIENCE. We design the business processes architecture in order to create a facile and pleasant experience for stakeholders, so they can reach their goals with minimum resource investment.

PROSPERITY. Through our activity we aim that all our partners and team members reach a state of wellbeing, personal fulfillment and financial liberty.


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