About us

We started with a mission. 

The mission for which Brightway® was born and for which we have continued to do what we do today, since 2004. 

We are the team that thinks, creates, and implements personal and professional development programs. Training, courses, business simulations, team buildings, workshops. As they are presented, we do them all. We like programs that stimulate and give results both in the short term, but especially on the long run, relying on smart investments. Both by employees and by companies.

We love talking about how our team is comprised of experts from different fields, from leaders and project managers to salespeople, to psychotherapists and HR professionals, to marketing and creative communication people, including extreme sportspeople and tech geeks.

We constantly went on the idea of ​​improving our training and team building services according to customer and market requirements. But nevertheless, we never refrain from being honest and telling the client what he really needs to perform. And we support that because we are first and foremost a customer consultant. Our unique process of adapting to the industry, business idea, team members, personal gand business goals, helps us to directly offer the right suggestions and services for our clients.

We experiment and generate new event ideas, both for B2B and Open Events. Those are the events where anyone can participate regardless of company or previous experience. We bet on how important it is to have happy employees and to improve people's quality of life by delivering innovative educational programs and management tools. We directly address the daily challenges of individuals, teams, and organizations in the business environment.

Through everything we do, we aim for well-being, personal fulfillment, and financial relaxation to represent the state of affairs for us and for our partners


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Programe de dezvoltare organizațională și soluții inovatoare care te ajută să câștigi timp, bani și înțelepciune.
Strada Popa Nan, nr. 171, Bucuresti
0745 755 484
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