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Diana Basoc

Senior trainer


With over five years of experience using Microsoft Office programs directly in the business environment, Diana Basoc is developing courses for the most diverse needs of both the beginner and advanced users. Diana beautifully combines the technical construction and processing of databases when using Microsoft Excel, with the expressive organization and dynamism of the impact presentations, using Microsoft PowerPoint. For each program in the Office package, Diana focuses on customizing the courses and connecting them to the domain particularity.

Studies and Expertise

She completed her studies in the field of marketing strategies and policies within the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Business Management, Babeș-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca.


  • Diana is a Microsoft Certified Trainer - Microsoft Office Specialist Excel 2016 Expert.
  • Diana's courses are structured logically and organized, with a wide range of applications inspired by the business practice, yet also adapted to the various professional experiences of her students. Although the specificity of the courses is technical, Diana develops a pleasant and relaxed working environment, with an emphasis on open, friendly communication.
  • Diana held the position of intern trainer and business analyst within a multinational, working intensively with complex databases and identifying new technical solutions for internal systems.
  • Within the Brightway® team, Diana is the developer of technical training programs related to the use of the Microsoft Office package.
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