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Mihai Arghire

Partner & Senior Consultant


Having the ability to capture the essence of any functional or structural issue, Mihai Arghire highlights techniques with immediate applicability in the organizations. Through creative methods, he transforms the training and coaching programs he implements, into a real challenge, meant to overcome personal barriers. Mihai adds value to the programs he presents, using his know-how and business experiences from the employee, team manager, entrepreneur, and consultant position. Hoasting vast knowledge of the local economic system helps him come with useful solutions to the problems participants are displaying.

Studies and Expertise

Graduated Faculty of Finance and Banking (FABBV) within the Bucharest University of Economic Studies (ASE Bucharest), adding to his studies a Master program - Finance and Capital Markets (ASE Bucharest) and a Certification Points of You® coaching tools.


  • Mihai debuted his sales career activating in various industries: insurance, advertising, IT, sports & fashion.
  • Shares a complex experience in the management of the sales process, in its main forms of expression: business to business or retail dedicated to International Key Accounts, through distribution channels, online.
  • He coordinated sales, marketing & communication departments as well as companies situated at the start-up and scale-up stages, being noted for achieving outstanding performances.
  • As a consultant/trainer, he covered over 9000 hours of training delivered and 11 projects to optimize complete business processes.
  • Specialized in designing training programs, he uses business simulations and experiential learning methods adapted to sales, negotiations, leadership, communication, or teamwork range.
  • For the Brightway® team, he manages complex programs and ensures the implementation of solutions providing the best results for customers.
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