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Development and implementation programs for a visible change in your organization!

Sales Academy
» An „X-ray” of the sales team
» Training and one-on-one sessions
» Process optimization consultancy
» Projects and implementation
» Constant „on the job” feedback
Leadership Academy
» Organizational diagnosis
» Strategic consultancy, innovation
» Training and executive coaching
» Organizational transformation
» „Out of the box” tools
Senior Sales Manager Academy
» Medium and long term strategies
» Factors of influence and persuasion
» The importance of a coach/mentor
» Efficient management of human relations
» Fundamental emotions and self-motivation
Middle Management Academy
» Strategic roles and responsibilities
» Efficient use of human resources
» Field visits as a motivational factor
» Managerial styles and their efficiency
» Clearly defined team priorities
Sales Academy
Turn your team into a sales force that produces great results!

What is the Sales Academy?

The Sales Academy is a unique program for developing the sales team and optimizing customer interaction processes.

The program is 100% dedicated to your company, being built on the basis of a diagnostic process and a thorough analysis of meetings with clients made by Brightway®​ consultants together with each member of the sales team.


Key steps and results:

An "X-ray" of the sales team. A report that provides an overview of the sales team and processes from an external perspective, accompanied by a strategic action plan. The report is based on observations from client/prospect meetings in which Brightway®​ consultants participate with each team member and individual discussions with each person involved in the sales process.

Analysis of each employee's position. Using a psychometric instrument and a profile of the roles within the sales team defined together with the top management, for each participant we will perform an analysis of his/her role in the sales team, accompanied by a development plan.

Consultancy for process optimization. A multidisciplinary team of experienced consultants with proven results in the management of sales teams works together with the company management to make the existing sales processes more efficient.

Training modules for skills development. Through experiential learning, each member of the team is trained to use communication, persuasion, and negotiation tools, developing new skills.

Shadowing and feedback on the job. Each participant will receive feedback from the trainers who will accompany the team members during the interactions with the clients.

Implementation and follow-up projects. The Brightway®​ consultants will establish with the management of the company transformation projects with measurable objectives and will support the team for their implementation.

Leadership Academy
Implement a leadership system for the sustainable development of your organization!

What is the Leadership Academy?

Leadership Academy is a unique program of organizational development and transformation, addressed to top management, following two directions:

✓ Training the top management team to make decisions and implement the vision of the organization;

✓ Implementing a leadership system that ensures the sustainable development of the organization, in the current context of the market, taking into account the challenges generated by technological progress and economic/social changes.

The program is built specifically for your organization, based on a diagnostic process and a set of measurable goals set with the participants.


Key steps and results:

Diagnosis of the existing leadership system. The diagnostic process includes: making process diagrams, highlighting the critical areas that determine the performance, individual discussions with each person who has a management role, and an analysis of the organizational culture using psychometric tools. The conclusions present an overview of the existing leadership system and a concrete plan of strategic actions to achieve the organization's objectives.

Clarification of Vision / Mission / Values and their implementation strategy​. The participants will analyze the vision/mission/values of the organization and how they are implemented in each process and level of the organization, generating new strategies for consolidating/changing the organizational culture.

Motivational systems and performance management​. Participants will experience, in business simulations, the impact of different leadership styles, will be aware of their style and will use performance management tools. Analyzing their organization, each participant will build and implement new methods of motivation and talent management throughout the program.

Training modules for skills development​. Through experiential learning, each manager is trained to use management, communication, persuasion, and leadership tools, developing new skills.

Executive coaching and consultancy. Each participant will be assisted in the process of changing an executive coach and will benefit from the know-how of Brightway® consultants in implementation projects with measurable objectives.

Change management and tracking results​. Participants will be trained to make decisions in the context of economic, social and technological changes. The results in relation to the objectives set by each participant at the beginning of the program will be constantly monitored.

Senior Sales Manager Academy
Train your Senior Sales Management team to conquer a new strategic level in your organization!

What is the Senior Sales Manager Academy?

Held exclusively as an Open program, SSMA has the role of bringing together multiple visions of decision-makers with extensive sales experience. By going through the stages of this academy, each participant develops long-term strategic thinking, which optimally positions the entire sales department in the macrostructure of the company. In addition, participants will have a process of awareness of their role in solving existing conflicts in the organization and in preventing stressed emotional situations.

The program is unique and it is addressed to the Sales Managers who have exhausted all the stages of assimilating new concepts in their area of expertise and wish to dive deeper to the next level - the one of inter-departmental strategic thinking.


Key steps and results:

Financial strategy notions. Key concepts related to profitability and adapting your decisions according to all the elements that can influence the financial indicators.

Business thinking know-how. Through business simulations and experiential learning methods, participants learn to make decisions based on financial and operational information, work with budgets, and make forecasts.

Stress management in the organization​. Starting from communication concepts and going all the way to working with case studies, the participants understand the usefulness of emotions and the way they manifest in managing different types of stress within the organization.

Integrative projects. The participants have the opportunity to create and present at the end, their own projects drawn during the academy, in front of the group of experts and the other guests.

Experience exchange. Participants strengthen their knowledge by exposing, comparing, and validating ideas in a group of experts at the same level, in different industries​.

Middle Management Academy
Turn your Middle Management team into an engine of organizational development!

What is the Middle Management Academy?

The Middle Management Academy is a program that facilitates the awareness of a Middle Manager's role and the responsibilities related to such a position. Also, during the program, the participants receive a series of people management tools and long-term guidance in their implementation. Defining and crystallizing the role of a team leader are key elements in developing teams and talents within the organization.

The program is addressed to the people who have taken over a management function, the middle managers who want to develop their management skills, the team members who are going to assume a leadership role in the near future.


Key steps and results:

Becoming aware of and assuming the managerial role. The first step in the development of Middle Managers is to support the transition of key people from an operational role into guiding positions of their team members' performance.

Training sessions for skills development​. Training modules based on experiential learning, that involve participants in practical training of management skills, team communication, and persuasion.

Implementation and continuous development​. The program pursues measurable objectives, Brightway® consultants assist the participants in the implementation process through follow-up sessions to fix and customize the concepts for each type of personality in the team.

Improving team performance​. Applying motivational factors, improving feedback skills, implementing delegation and team organization tools will result in measurable improvements in team performance.

Conscious communication​. Understanding the diversity of people's communication styles and how each leader can be "heard" by adapting to each personality type.

Increasing team synergy and reducing conflicts. The development path taken by each manager produces a positive change that multiplies throughout the organization. Depending on the project, the increase of synergy is reflected in the business results of the company.

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