Be a SMART Assistant Manager & Back Office



What is Assistant Manager Course?

The training provides a better understanding of the role of an assistant manager or back office in the organization. During the course you will receive the necessary ingredients to become a trusted member of your team, achieving new performances. The program is carried out in the form of an interactive simulation in which the participants divide themselves into teams and solve concrete case studies.

Who is it for?

The program is addressed to those who have support roles in the management team, who manage administrative and/or communication tasks or to other people who wish to improve their organizational and office management skills.






Reporting. Ways of writing clear and concise reports and presentations.

Prioritization. Techniques for prioritizing activities and their planning and ways to manage interruptions during the program.

Planning and organizing. A strategy for organizing your personal/colleagues' agenda and steps for optimal organization of meetings.

Personal challenges. Valuable experience from information exchange, case studies and concrete examples from the participants' activities which help create new perspectives of action.

Social proof. A participation diploma, which confirms the course and the level of knowledge acquired, issued by one of the most recognized training companies on the market.


The importance of the role. A better understanding of the role of an Assistant Manager or Back Office in the organization.

Communication. Important written and verbal communication techniques.

Communication styles. Analysis of communication styles and practicing assertive communication.

Personal challenges. New perspectives and experiential learning for the optimization of the projects leading to a better time/human management and the investment of the resources saved in other key activities.

Social proof. Participants become aware and start to own their role, the package of benefits they receive from the organization becoming an investment and not just a cost.

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Programe de dezvoltare organizațională și soluții inovatoare care te ajută să câștigi timp, bani și înțelepciune.
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