Brightway, partnership with International House for language courses

Brightway, partnership with International House for language courses

Where there are two, knowledge grows: Brightway, partners with International House for language courses

Our company, which offers since 2004 organizational, professional and personal development programs, trainings, courses, business simulations, teambuildings and workshops held by experts in various fields (leadership, project management, sales, HR, marketing, etc.), has signed a partnership with International House, in order to offer language courses for corporate clients. Our partners represent a foreign language centre with a tradition of almost 20 years in Romania, during which time they have trained employees from over 400 companies operating in our country.

"We language trainers have often been asked to recommend a good trainer: a sales or marketing trainer or a good teambuilding organiser. Recommendation, in our culture, has an impressive power, because it is based on trust - an invaluable capital that forges tonic, healthy and productive relationships, both between individuals and between companies", it is shown on our partners' blog. International House Romania was founded in 2002, through affiliation to the International House World Organisation (an organisation based in London with 160 centres in over 50 countries), and so far boasts 28,600 students, 150 teachers and 388,700 hours taught in our country.

The partnership between Brightway and International House started on November 1, 2021 and promises to offer integrated, comprehensive solutions: both professional and personal development programmes, as well as foreign language courses (English, French, German, Spanish). "For Brightway, partnering with International House means that we have someone to rely on when we want to help our clients develop by learning a foreign language. In their team, there are people for whom serving the client at excellent standards is a constant concern, and this aspect helped to crystallize the collaboration", says Mihai Arghire, Managing Partner Brightway.

This joint effort is living proof that where there are two, knowledge grows. And as knowledge is power, to speak in the language of our partners, the "power" of the two companies to help their clients on their way to professional and personal development and achieving the desired performance also grows. "Partnering with Brightway opens up new possibilities to fulfill the development and growth needs of the clients in our portfolio. Together, we can serve our clients in a comprehensive way, helping them achieve their goals. We rely on the high experience of Brightway consultants and trainers", says Mihai Ganj, Managing Partner International House Bucharest.

Other common values shared by Brightway and International House are exceptional quality in the organization and delivery of training programs; innovation in the creation of new training products (courses, programs, seminars, conferences); and dedication to the full development potential of their clients. The benefits of this partnership, both for the two parties and especially for the clients, are quick and easy access to the training service they are looking for and special offers for those who purchase a training product on the recommendation of the partner organisation.

Brightway highlights

- 17 years on the market (launched in 2004);
- 4 development directions (training and academy, consulting and coaching, teambuilding, recruitment);
- over 25 courses in areas such as leadership, management, sales, Microsoft Office, communication, personal development;
- 22 trainers;
- over 25,000 participants in projects;
- training sessions based on case studies and business simulations;
- advanced payment possibilities, including in cryptocurrencies;

International House highlights

- almost 20 years on the market (launched in 2002);
- over 400 client companies;
- 28,600 learners;
- 150 teachers, nationwide;
- 3,795 graduation diplomas since 2012;
- 96.5% satisfaction rate of trainees, in the last year;
- 388,700 hours of teaching.

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