Business Process Management



What is this program about?

Following the report obtained in the diagnosis stage - defining the organizational architecture, your team will begin a one-on-one consulting program with our specialists to identify, structure and document each process in the company, each responsible, every job description, etc. Depending on the preferences of each organization, the documentation can also be software-backed with an especially created app for process management, 

Brightway specialists assist and support documentation of each process along with manager, starting form the existing flows and at the same time provide feedback and improvement solutions to streamline processes and their connections.

Who is it for?

The program is addressed to managers of small and medium companies or to the department representatives from larger companies. In short, it is designed for those people who take on the responsiblity of optimizing the operational part of the business.







Clear responsibilities. Every role "owner" will know exactly what actions to take regardless of the situation.

Appropriate motivations. Motivation systems adapted to each type of role and seniority.

Efficient processes. Each process owner works to achieve efficiency and simplification of their own process.

Transmissibility. Facilitate delegation, onboarding or transmission of information for replacement periods.

✓ Quick problem solving. Difficulties or problems will be more easily solved with clear instructions to follow.



Interdepartmental operational flows. Clarification of internal processes and their adaptation to the current needs of the organization following the value chain. Alignment with the components of the organization's architecture.

Roles and functions of human resources. Defining the responsibilities of team members and documenting roles.

Integration of KPIs. Improving and updating industry-specific performance indicators. Adaptive structure to changes in the business environment.

Alignment of processes with the company's vision. Drawing a flexible and easily transferable process structure.

Adaptation to the standards imposed by regulations and industry. Creating industry-specific operational flows and specifications.

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