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Consultative Boad

Consultative Boad


What is the Consultative Board?

The Consultative Board represents the external point that supports you in implementing a strategy for difficult times or crisis contexts. Implementing optimal measures involves analyzing several plans in parallel, depending on the specifics of your company, and making quick strategic decisions. Brightway specialists can help you save time and avoid unfavorable measures by working on the three essential pillars in any organization: operational management, communication with business partners and, of course, financial balance. 

Change is natural and appears regularly in all aspects of life. Some organisms adapt or evolve, others disappear. A moment of crisis can be an accelerator of positive transformations in your organization.

Who is it for?

The support provided by the experts of the Consultative Board is addressed to all organizations that are feeling uncertain about the important decisions for the adaptation or evolution of the company. In the case of large multinationals or companies that have a well-developed emergency plan, the advisory board can be useful for the Middle Management seniority level, to support team leaders to communicate more effectively with the team and build a strategy. management of the team and specific operations.




The ability to motivate your family, children, life partners, friends, etc.. In the program's 7 months you will practice and acquire the ability to create motivational, inspirational systems, so that your loved ones can reach their goals.

The ability to acquire / incorporate quickly, with minimal effort, new skills​. In each session, you will practically go through the stages and components of assimilating new skills, including and repositioning new habits in your daily activity. This experience will help you on a personal level, increasing your ability to adapt to the permanent and inevitable changes around you.

Awareness of past failed actions, wisdom in future approaches. As the leadership plan is implemented, participants will explain the causes of personal failures, while identifying new behavioral approaches needed for future success in similar situations.

The ability to set and achieve personal goals. Participants will acquire the ability to set their SMART personal goals, during 7 months they will practice and acquire the methodologies to achieve these goals.

Self-confidence and energy. As the implementation progresses, the participants will enjoy the results, accumulating self-confidence, energy.




Inspiration, Performance, Predictability, Scalability, Self-Functionality by implementing Strategic Leadership plan stages. The organizations from which the participants come, obtain at the end of the 7 months the reorganization of the operational flows, an increase of the capacity to reach the objectives, the capacity to self-solve the problems arising in the organization, "organizational behaviors" capable of adapting its functionality to the permanent changes of the business environment.

Less time for integration and performance monitoring of employees, by structuring and optimizing the induction, testing, development and performance stages​. In the 7 months, the participants will implement a system of incorporating new skills, reducing the integration time of the new employees and the time for the old employees to reach the performance.

The ability to avoid uninspired decisions. The participants will implement analysis and decision making systems in their own organizations, based on which they can permanently redesign the way they reach new levels of performance. Thus, in each organization every activity will have its own documented and implemented "What to do" - "What NOT to do" board, avoiding many expensive decisions in the future.

Adaptability through continuously redesigning the operational flows, as a result of the changes in the business environment. The participants will design and use a DNA type of mechanism, reconstructing each operational flow in the organization, that is able to permanently readjust / optimize the strategies and the working methods.

Creating the context of good practice and predictability, motivating employees to act in a common direction. Organizations will implement the contexts in which people use their time in positioning the organization on the market and counteracting competition. Thus, at the end of the program, the situations in which a substantially high time is allocated to solving the differences of directions, opinions, beliefs will be diminished.

A dynamic organization, "alive", present in the market​. The organizations from which the participants come, will have, at the end of the 7 months, lively, dynamic employees, motivated to be present on the market, dynamism being one of the generated values implemented and included in each process.

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