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Inter-Acting and Online Presentations

Inter-Acting and Online Presentations


What is the Acting and Online Presentation training?

We all go through a time when we need to reposition ourselves online, and every meeting, sales meeting, conference or motivational moment has been transferred to a digital platform. The online environment is taking away much of the power of face-to-face interactions and we need new tools to capture the attention of those listening to us.

The acting domain has countless secrets that can be useful to us if you want to convey emotions, inspire people and keep your sense of humor even in online presentations. Our art and business specialists will introduce you to the magical world of theater and you will discover in yourself that special part that shines even in front of a screen.

Who is it for?

The Acting and Online Presentation workshops are addressed to anyone who is frequently the host of presentations or interactive sessions on web platforms. Moreover, the training is designed for those who are in people management roles or who hold presentations for multiple people at the same time, because the difficulty to connecti and interact effectively with the audience is even more difficult in these cases.



Voice and breathing training. Speech and breathing from the seated position needs special techniques in order to have the same penetration force and emotion.
Structuring the discourse. Awareness and practice of rhythm leads to a grater impact (difference in rhythms, phrasing, punctuation).
Use of paraverbal language. Awareness of the importance of voice tone and diction exercises that create engagement.
Changing geography. Changing the body posture refreshes the energy of the speaker and draws the audience's attention to the technique specific to the film acting.
Communication focus. With virtual partners, we practice the movie acting trick called "camera game" to increase interactivity.



More efficient sessions. Managers and team leaders can more effectively support regular meetings and create a pleasant online atmosphere.
Communication with partners. Whether it is sales meetings, or discussions with customers or prospects, online is gaining new dimensions.
Commitment. Each participant in the company presentations will be more interested and more involved in team activities.
Communication. The messages transmitted online between the team members and to the clients will take a more pleasant and interactive form.
Connection. What we miss most in times of social distance is the connection. Using theatrical techniques we are getting closer to each other.

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