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Motivational Moment

Motivational Moment


What is the Motivational Moment?

When a crisis context appears in our professional or personal lives, the predominant emotion is fear, and it takes control over our mind and thus rational decisions are harder to make. In the event of a global crisis, each member of the team goes through moments of fear, worry, uncertainty or sadness.

On the other hand, those changes that we were hoping for a long time are suddenly accepted much more easily by everyone, since the context of survival forces us to be open to change of all kinds. A very clear example is digitization - so many times we wished we had less paperwork and send anythink by mail. Well... now we have no other chocice!

However, in order to turn a difficult period into a growth context and develop key skills, most of us need a boost of some kind. The Brightway® Motivational Moment aims to generate energy and internal motivation for the people in your team!

Who is it for?

The Motivational Moment is designed for teams of different sizes which are passing through a difficult time and who need a refreshment and some positive energy. In crisis contexts, most of the information conveyed in the media is negative and has a strong emotional impact, so people also need to receive positive vibrations from external sources to help them focus again on those important activities that generate results.




Increased energy level. When the context is unfavorable and the future is very uncertain, participants will supplement their energy and commitment to the organization.

Awareness of crisis psychology. Understanding the underlying causes of behaviors during difficult times leads to improved în well being.

Focus on the positive. Motivational moments also have the role of highlighting the positive aspects generated by the problematic contexts.

Identifying growth opportunities. Difficult periods force us to get out of our comfort zone and can be a solution generator and development.

Self-confidence and energy. Exiting the emotional area and returning to rational thinking to identify positive solutions determines an increase in energy.



Increased synergy. The team-spirit will be refreshed and working with motivated and engageded people will become a motivation itself.

Focus on results and solutions. By developing resilience in these times, people in your team will be able to focus on results again.

Change Management. Precise actions for integrating uncertainty and managing changes in personal and professional life.

Connection and sense of belonging. The people in your team reconnect with each other and increase their sense of belonging to the team and the organization.

Increased level of motivation. People become more energetic, more motivated to continue working or to return to work when business as usual is restarted.

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