Diversity & Inclusion



About workshop

The theme of diversity is becoming increasingly common and even mandatory in some organisational cultures. This workshop aims to convey to every participant the meaning and importance of accepting diversity in organisations, but also in life in general. 

We talk about why some of us are reluctant to accept certain new ideas or principles and understand why we have certain reactions, sometimes without realising it. We learn what we can do individually and as a group to integrate each person for what they bring to the table, regardless of the differentiating factors between us. 





What does the team get?

Understand how discrimination occurs and why it is important to pay attention to it.
✓ We learn about the neuropsychological basis of our beliefs.
✓ We practise using functional alternatives about differences between people.
✓ We experience first-hand what it feels like to be discriminated against, in a little team 'experiment'. 
✓ We learn about our limiting beliefs and how we can work with them.
✓ We touch on less discussed topics and discuss them with maturity and friendship.
✓ We talk about "happiness chemicals" and how accepting differences between people leads to balance.
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Programe de dezvoltare organizațională și soluții inovatoare care te ajută să câștigi timp, bani și înțelepciune.
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  1. Diversity & Inclusion