What is the idea behind the workshop?

We know what it means to be caught up in the daily hustle and bustle and how it feels when the really important things in our lives slip through our fingers. That's why, when it comes to relationships and their appreciation, dogs can be friends from which we can certainly learn something.

We invite you to a unique workshop in Romania, about trust, team, discipline, courage, but also about social responsibility. All in one.

You train to work better in a team with a Canine Instructor and a Business Trainer. You learn from working with rescue dogs something about yourself, about the psychology of trust, and how to have harmonious relationships.

The structure of this unique workshop allows us to learn from instructors useful elements about the psychology of dogs, applicable in interpersonal relationships. In the DOGZ team building program, we train to use our gestures, intonation, posture, patience. Together we learn about behavior patterns, stressors, the process of change, therapeutic processes, and the missions of a rescue dog.

Each participant will go through the phases of trust, power, and authority, acquiring by the end of the training awareness with an extraordinary impact both in personal and professional life.

Percentages of the value of this workshop will be redirected to an NGO. We support the heroes in action who help public authorities in crisis situations such as earthquakes or disappearances. They need us to keep the training of social utility dogs constant, to integrate the use of utilitarian dogs into various governmental or non-governmental organizations, to educate the public about the benefits of human-animal interaction. But especially for the training of Rescue Dogs & Dogs for Animal Assisted Therapy teams. 

Why is this DOGZ program unique and imperative in Romania? In search and rescue activities a dog makes as many as 50 people. The CSR component allows companies and participants to remain active through donations, volunteer hours. or logistical support in carrying out their activity.





What's in for the team?

Trust. Courage. CSR.
✓ We get to know each other better, away from the clichés of the office life, through a unique workshop in Romania
✓ We are aware of the importance of teamwork and we work on trust within the team and regardless of the differences between colleagues
✓ We overcome personal barriers
✓ We implement short-term strategies and action plans
✓ We practice positions in communication and stress management
✓ We get out of the comfort zone and learn training practices and self-control techniques through the human-dog relationship
✓ Through training techniques, we debate topics such as initiating a connection, emotional management, the relationship conflict / contamination and the relationship rewards / punishments
✓ We emphasize the psychology of motivation and self-confidence
✓ Strengthens social responsibility, offers the opportunity to volunteer in the Utility Dog Club, as well as donating to it
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