Essences & Emotions



What is the idea behind the workshop?

We managed to combine our best asset, the emotion, with what we know you like best, the essence. The essence of a spring day, the essence of the first performance, the essence of a hug, the essence of an emotion.

We present you a workshop about perfume and fragrance manufacturing combined with the power of emotion, orchestrated by a perfume expert and a psychotherapist. During this workshop, you decide what kind of emotion we travel to and we will take care of the planning for you. 

Each participant will receive a complete kit to be able to go through the workshop from the comfort of the environment in which they work. In the end, they will obtain a custom perfume, which will transmit the chosen emotion forever. But it is certain that we adapt to the environment of your choice. We can do it either online or face-to-face, in any variant being spectacular.

We rely on the awareness of emotion as a form of intelligence and on a concrete deliverable with which the participants can remain with, at the end of the workshop.





What's in for the team?

A special experience that will challenge all team members to use their resources, emotions, imagination, and preferences to connect and collaborate with others.

✓ We discover different essences and the production process.
✓ We also become aromatologists, we smell and identify aromas.
✓ Finding out how to apply the perfume and how to choose a good perfume.
✓ We learn how to create a good perfume.
✓ Individually, we make our own perfume.
✓ We know each other better by finding out about everyone's preferences and personal style.
✓ We also promote, we work on the "branding" of the bottle and the smell of the perfume.
✓ We choose the essence of the perfume according to the emotion we want to find in it.

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