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About the training

What is the Finance for NonFfinance Training?

We started the Finance for NonFinance almost 20 years ago out of the desire to shed light on an area where at that time there were only skilled experts and everything seemed difficult and complicated to understand from the outside.

As we know, each country has its own tax code. Inspired by decades of experience in management and finance, we have created a course adaptable to any accounting system but explicitly outlined for our local economy.

We thought about it being from the very beginning, and it is still today, a decision strategy course. The course starts from understanding economic principles and accounting for financial information and excels in making short, medium, and long-term decisions. And that creates a good development opportunity for economists.

The training takes place in the form of a business simulation aiming to facilitate the understanding and analyzing financial information for favorable decisions. Basically, managers are helped in making decisions based on indicators, working on past and possibly future financial statements.

Years go by and we constantly adapt, update our techniques and keep up with the legislation. With the help of our techniques, participants will thus have the opportunity to better understand important economic data, reduce commercial risk, and build their own financial management strategy for the company they own or manage.

Who can attend the Finance for NonFinance Training?

One of the most important reasons that validate the critical need of attending this course, is that experience or knowledge of financial information is not necessary. Yes, it can truly be a plus. But the purpose of the financial training is to focus on the client's needs and problems. Therefore the Finance for NonFinance business simulation is made to improve the decision-making process in business.
We address directly to people who work with indicators, budgets, planning, analysis, or other financial information, managers, and entrepreneurs. Because we focus on the impact of business decisions, we implement the course with techniques and useful information for both people who do not have the financial knowledge and those who have studies / experience in this field.





Decision making experience. Accumulating a decision-making experience of three to five years in just two days.

Profitable decisions. Identifying a new way of making decisions, based on economic data.

Performance and progress. Understanding the economic mechanisms and the market in which you operate.

Practical applicability. Case studies with concrete examples from their own activity, easy to apply in your daily decisions.

Financial indicators. You will easily understand the economic information, without the need of prior knowledge in the financial field.


Financial analysis. Techniques for analyzing competitors and business partners.

Efficiency in management. A management system based on the efficient management of the cash cycle.

Opportunity assessment. An analysis of the market in which the company operates and the opportunities to raise capital.

Forecasts. Increasing the quality of decisions, which will be directly reflected in future costs and revenues.

Advantage in negotiations. More profitable negotiations with trading partners and risk reduction. 

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