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What is the Marketing and Strategy Training Program?

2021. Not too many companies can perform today if they don't have a marketing team right in the core of the company. Since we're not Elon Musk to invest $0 in marketing, but there we aim of course, we organize ourselves well, we set the foundations of our strategy and we get to work.

We look at the big picture and we think at the macro level. We start the marketing training with big, realistic, but ambitious goals, for 3-6 months, for 1 year, or as needed depending on the specifics of the business. We take into account all the factors involved in the sales process of our company and continue with the strategy.

We have designed a Marketing and Strategy course as a form of the most practical training in which you will train to use promotion techniques and create marketing strategies to increase the value of the brand you represent.

Strategic marketing helps you discover the motivations behind the choices of consumers in your industry and use techniques that can resonate with your target audience. We cannot grow if we do not adapt to the newest promotion or sales techniques, so we apply whatever techniques are necessary to improve the performance of the organization you belong to.

Who is this for?

Hi again. If you read this description probably you are already part of the company's management or its marketing teams. Either way, you know what marketing is, but you just want more. It is the golden rule to dig for information, as useful as possible, with the most efficient implementations as possible. And that's what we're outlining.

The Training Program for Marketing & lots and lots of Strategies addressing key people in the marketing and communication departments, managers, partners of the organization, or all those who contribute to the development of a strategy and the implementation of a marketing plan.

We address directly to those who want to perform through the most innovative ideas and who know for sure that Working smart, not hard is one of the best slogans they can be guided by.






Communicating the message. Ways to send a message to a targeted audience. The story of the brand.

Personal challenges. Starting work sessions on case studies and real situations from the activity of the participants.

Promotion process analysis. Individual and group discussions to identify real workflows and critical areas.

Purchase motivations. Emotional and rational factors that influence the decisions of clients and partners.

Reputation strengthening. Building credibility and a lasting relationship with the target audience.

Unconventional methods. Identifying unconventional methods of promotion.


Customer loyalty. Strategies for follow-up, advertising and facilitating up-and-down actions for the sales team.

Differentiation. Strategies for differentiating from competitors and creating a memorable positive impact.

Work processes. Creating measurable work processes through a set of KPIs.

Results and indicators. Tools for measuring the effectiveness of a marketing campaign.

Action plan. Steps to be taken after training to implement the tools in your own team.

Business strategy. Integrating the marketing plan in the business strategy of the organization.

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