Marketing Plan



What is this program about?

Creating a marketing plan implies, on one hand, understanding the company's products and services, but also up-to-date know-how about the tools available in advertising.

Brightway® consultants have experience working with organizations in various fields and can identify the appropriate marketing strategies that will attract a higher proportion of market share. Specifically, within the consultancy sessions with the management board, they analize customers' and prospects' profiles, market segmentations and other various tools through which your product or service can easily reach more clients.

Who is it for?

The program is addressed to companies that want to create a marketing plan or refresh an existing one, in accordance with new trends but also with the company's management strategy.







Personal challenges. Work sessions on case studies and real situations from the company's current activity.

Analysis of the advertising process. Individual and group discussions with the management board to identify real workflows and critical areas.

Purchasing motivations. Emotional and rational factors that influence the decisions of customers and partners.

Strategic vision. The marketing plan is integrated and aligned with the business vision.

Unconventional methods. Identifying unconventional methods for advertising.



Customer loyalty. Follow-up strategies, advertising and facilitation of up-and-coming actions for the marketing team.

Differentiation. Strategies for differentiating from competitors and creating a memorable positive impact.

Work processes. Creating measurable work processes in the marketing department through a set of KPIs.

Results and indicators. Tools for measuring the effectiveness of a marketing campaign.

Action plan. Strategic steps and support in implementing tools in the company.

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