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Our team's professionalism is reflected in everything we use to deliver the training. In order to reach top performance ASAP, we organize practical sessions for the development of skills (soft skills & technical) aka interactive business simulation. Our training programs truly and utterly challenge the participants to discover real solutions, applicable in a very short time.

About Microsoft Office, it is clear to all of us that it is one of the most used tools in the world since its inception in 1990. No matter the version installed, we are finding in the package the basic programs that we use almost daily in the execution of most jobs. But even if we are talking about over 30 years of existence in the market and constantly updated versions, even this year, it is not at all easy to master all the functions that these programs offer us.

If it's technical, we can do it!

The training programs are specially made for the most important tools. Starting with the well-known shortcut for creating and processing written content, and the one for organizing and processing data, especially with a mathematical purpose. Depending on the experience of participants, we can also talk about the programming language through which financial analysis can be streamlined. We can automate various buttons to instantly perform functions that would otherwise be much more complicated.

We focus on databases and applications, on programs through which we connect, access, share files with all our colleagues, write to each other, call each other, see each other, everything in real-time.

Presentations or projects and tasks or resources, we manage them all. Customized training programs truly help you crystallize all the techniques and information learned and ensure the long-term optimization of work processes in any business.


"Tips & tricks" in Excel and ways to ease your work. Join our MS Excel training and find out how easily and efficiently you can work.

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Learn how Excel and VBA can add value to your business with useful shortcuts and automated time-consuming activities.

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Do you want the information you transmit to have a bigger impact? Join an interactive training for MS PowerPoint.

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Learn how to work efficiently and easily in Microsoft Word. During this training you learn to edit and manage any type of text documents.

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The MS Project course is an interactive training, during which you will learn how to manage a project in order to make work processes more efficient and to optimize the resources allocated..

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Feedback is always very important to us. See what the participants think about our programs, how they managed to apply the tools they received, and what was the practical usefulness of the concepts learned.
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