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What is Microsoft Project Course?

First of all, Microsoft Project is a project management software designed for project managers so that they can control their projects. Depending on the purpose for which you use it, it allows you to plan projects, assign tasks, manage resources, make reports, and certainly, the list goes on.

With two editions available, the standard version and the professional version, even though it is part of the extremely useful Microsoft Office package, Microsoft Project is not compatible with Mac computers, but they're always seem to be solutions. Both sharing a single file format, called MPP.

Microsoft Project is a program with whom project managers can track the development of a project taking into account resources, time, and deliverables. It came naturally from the need to simplify processes, reduce working or training time, with help from familiar planning features for project managers.

And because compared to other Office programs, it is not the easiest to use, we have created training programs for the development of Microsoft Project skilss in particular. During the training, you will learn how to manage a project so as to streamline work processes and optimize resource allocation using the MS Project program.

During the training you will practically apply the concepts directly in your organization:

✓ good human resources management by requesting and allocating tasks
✓ viewing, planning, and managing projects with activity lists
✓ do you work with kanban? MSP helps you manage your workflow and status
✓ the traditional Gantt chart is included for task planning on a project timeline
✓ teams can work together simultaneously on projects and can see real-time updates
✓ there are pre-built reports that can track progress, resources, programs and portfolios
✓ you can follow the timekeeping of the hours and facilitate the documentation for payroll, including billing

Who is it for?

The Microsoft Project program is for beginners or middle-level users who want to create and manage a project from concept to completion in a practical and efficient way.






Optimal performance. Techniques for correctly defining tasks and performing the graph of the project's development.

Extracting data. Ways to integrate sorting and filters for obtaining specific data and structured visualization of this information (Gantt diagram, the network diagram ..).

Practical aplicability. Theoretical notions with relevant examples from the business sphere and successful presentations.

Professional assistance. 3 months of assistance by telephone or email from the trainer for the successful implementation of the instruments received.

Social proof. Obtaining a participation diploma that confirms the progress of the program and the level of knowledge acquired.


 The critical path. Ways of identifying the critical path and making important decisions based on it.

Workflows. Strategies for improving workflows within a project.

The team's know-how. Acquiring working techniques that can be subsequently transmitted to other team members.

The evolution of tasks​. Practical actions for tracking tasks and their degree of accomplishment.

Interactivity. Networking, new partners and business connections.

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