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What is the Middle Management Academy?

The Middle Management Academy is a program that facilitates the awareness of a Middle Manager's role and the responsibilities related to such a position. Also, during the program, the participants receive a series of people management tools and long-term guidance in their implementation. Defining and crystallizing the role of a team leader are key elements in developing teams and talents within the organization.

The program is addressed to the people who have taken over a management function, the middle managers who want to develop their management skills, the team members who are going to assume a leadership role in the near future.


Key steps and results:

Becoming aware of and assuming the managerial role. The first step in the development of Middle Managers is to support the transition of key people from an operational role into guiding positions of their team members' performance.

Training sessions for skills development​. Training modules based on experiential learning, that involve participants in practical training of management skills, team communication, and persuasion.

Implementation and continuous development​. The program pursues measurable objectives, Brightway® consultants assist the participants in the implementation process through follow-up sessions to fix and customize the concepts for each type of personality in the team.

Improving team performance​. Applying motivational factors, improving feedback skills, implementing delegation and team organization tools will result in measurable improvements in team performance.

Conscious communication​. Understanding the diversity of people's communication styles and how each leader can be "heard" by adapting to each personality type.

Increasing team synergy and reducing conflicts. The development path taken by each manager produces a positive change that multiplies throughout the organization. Depending on the project, the increase of synergy is reflected in the business results of the company.

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