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What is the Negotiation and Persuasion Course?

It is said that many times in life you do not get what you deserve, but what you negotiate.

Like most of the skills, we can learn and use both personally and professionally, our ability to negotiate improves over time and practice. However, finding the right contexts and opportunities to practice our negotiation skills is not easy. Or we can throw ourselves directly into the ring anytime and learn directly from our mistakes. 

The training is built with an emphasis on the critical elements during a negotiation. Regardless of the context in which we negotiate, whether they are a business, commercial, political, salary negotiations, on personal situations, we must keep the focus on our objectives, on the negative limits of our objective, but also on the maximum of our potential. Do you know that Romanian phrase with the quilt - don't stretch more than your quilt? Through this practical training, we manage to learn to stretch as much as necessary!

The Practical Negotiation Techniques program is based on an interactive simulation during which the participants will become aware of their strengths in negotiation and what specific areas need improvement.

We emphasize the differences between persuasion and manipulation, define the types of negotiations and stage key situations in which we can use our negotiation and persuasion skills.

At the same time, we develop a set of persuasion and communication tools that I can apply further, in the daily negotiation processes. Applied on the personal side as well, it becomes a very useful course.

Who is the training program made for?

The program does not take into account industry, age, or area. It is addressed to sales representatives, people in the procurement department, managers.

In fact, no matter how useful it is both personally and professionally, we recommend negotiation and persuasion training to all those who want better results in daily negotiations.

Did anyone say Open House Negotiation and Persuasion Courses?

For those of you who are part of small teams, do not have time to form a team, or simply want to acquire these skills for themselves, we launched in 2021 two Open sessions of the course Negotiation and Persuasion:






Negotiation preparation. Key tools for negotiation preparation, dynamic planning.

Negotiation styles. Analysis of the main negotiation styles along with various adaptation techniques.

Persuasion methods. Exploring a set of emotional factors that influence the decisions of the interlocutors.

Nonverbal language. Using nonverbal elements to resonate with the speaker and strengthen the arguments presented.

Practical aplicability. Case studies with concrete examples from their own activity, customized solutions.


Process analysis. An "X-ray" of the negotiation process and concrete actions to make it more efficient.

Stakeholders. A system for analyzing the people involved in the negotiation process.

Communication and persuasion. Communication and persuasion tools immediately applicable individually and also at the organizational level.

Objectives. Strategies for setting goals, risk analysis, SWOT matrix in negotiations. 

Results. Practical techniques for achieving objectives in negotiations with suppliers and customers.

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