Organisational Architecture



What is this program about?

A functioning business needs a very clear organizational architecture and processes în order to increase productivity and drive "internal engines" to full capacity.

Brightway consultants team up with the management board and thoroughly analyze every essential process in the company, in order to have a clear view over how things currently work. Starting from the organizational chart and then through individual discussions with the representatives of the main departments, our specialists document each key process flow, the people in charge and the goals of their every-day actions. Thus, the management receives a clear perspective on the current situation in the company and the elements that need improvement.

Who is it for?

The program is addressed to managers of small and medium companies or to the department representatives from larger companies. In short, it is designed for those people who take on the responsiblity of optimizing the operational part of the business.







Clarity. A structured analysis of the current situation provides clarity for company managers.

Defining responsibilities. Managers become aware if overloading with tasks or decisions that do not belong to them.

Appropriate delegation. Clear directions for delegating extra responsibilities.

Process documentation. Management decisions can be based on clear documentation of the process flows.

Alignment with vision and mission. An evaluation of the extent to which the company's activity is aligned with the managers' vision.



Company organization chart. Basic tool in centralizing activities.

Standardized information collection system. Creating a procedure for documenting process flows for departments and human resources involved.

Interdepartmental operational flows. Clarification of internal processes and perspectives for their adaptation to the current needs of the organization following the value chain.

Roles and responsibilities. Defining the responsibilities of team members and documenting roles.

Development directions. Steps to improve productivity in the company are based on a thorough.

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