Organisational Architecture



What is Organizational Architecture diagnosis?

A functional business needs a clear organisational architecture and processes to increase its productivity and run its "internal engines" at full capacity.

Brightway® consultants, together with the management board, analyse in detail each essential process in the company using the Aris Express business process management tool and the Lean Six Sigma methodology, to get a clear picture of how things work today. The organisational architecture diagnosis starts with the analysis of the organisational chart and then, through individual discussions with representatives of the main departments, documents each key process flow, their responsible parties and the purpose of their actions. In this way, management gets a clear overview of the present situation in the company, the value chain and the critical areas that can be optimised or improved.

Who is it for?

The organisational architecture diagnosis programme is aimed at entrepreneurs, managers and people responsible for operational business optimisation.

Such a diagnosis project is extremely useful for companies that want to eliminate certain losses, optimise, digitise or automate key work processes, scale or multiply certain revenue centres, attract investors or prepare the company for mergers and acquisitions.







 Clarity in decisions. Organizational architecture analysis helps you intervene operationally in critical areas that need improvement and know what you need to do to adapt to market changes.

✓ Documentation/optimization of roles and processes. We'll document roles and processes and redefine them together where appropriate to maximize the return on each resource.

✓ Measurability and control. You'll increase control over every element of your organizational architecture with real-time monitoring tools.

✓ Automate certain tasks. You'll know which workflows you can automate and be able to more easily multiply certain revenue centers.

 Attract and retain talent. Using the tools you receive, you will be able to clearly define the competencies required for each role and know what training and induction processes are needed for each person to perform.



Digital documentation of processes. The organisational architecture will be translated into an interactive digital format with the Aris Express tool, with the possibility to modify it in real time.  

Scalability and agility. The digital organisation workbook will allow the company to create quality standards and reposition itself in a much shorter time in times of change.

Eliminate "downtime". In the process of documenting the organisational architecture, unproductive areas are identified, saving the company time and money.

Preparing for franchising, mergers and acquisitions. The business process management (BPM) system will prepare the organization for mergers, sales or the creation of a franchise system.

Clarify the value chain. Through this diagnosis the company will have clarity on the processes that add value and are indispensable, thus being able to streamline resource allocation for development and security measures.

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