Performance Management



What is performance management consulting?

Often, the way we ensure staff retention in the company and internal development opportunities are factors that lead to engagement, dedication from the team, a higher talent retention rate and therefore business results.

Brightway® consultants can help you build a performance management system that keeps the people on your team motivated and helps them achieve their goals, month after month. Starting from a vision, relevant KPIs, internal processes, clearly defined roles and competencies, you will build and implement with our specialists a customized system for your own company.

The consultancy process takes the form of projects with concrete and measurable objectives that aim to implement a self-adjusting performance management system according to market changes.

Who is it for?

Performance management consulting projects are suitable for entrepreneurs and managers who want to improve both the results and the level of satisfaction of the people in their teams.






Roles and responsibilities. Defining the skills needed for each role so that you have well-trained and motivated people on your team who can achieve their goals.

Clarity of outcomes. Managers will have clarity on each team member's actual performance and contribution to the company.

Define a training and evaluation system. You'll be able to train your people with less effort and constantly evaluate performance in an objective way.

Quick decisions. Once performance indicators are systematized, decisions about each employee's career plan will be easier to make.

Reduced stress and communication effort. The right people for the job and working in a performance management system will help you achieve your goals with fewer resources with your team.


✓ Make your recruitment system more efficient. You'll implement a clear and efficient recruitment system that will increase the rate of candidates matching the role you want to fill.

Reduce induction time. With a performance management system, you'll shorten the time it takes for a new employee to become productive for your company.

Monitoring system. You'll be able to monitor each team member's performance in real time and constantly identify needs for improvement.

Higher retention rate. Implementing a combined internal and external performance-based employee motivation system will lead to higher retention of people in the company.

Talent management. Build a transparent and committed career plan for each position, which will help you encourage talent and attract people who contribute in an entrepreneurial way to the company's development.

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