Performance Management



What is this training about?

The way we ensure staff retention and internal development opportunities in the company are key factors that lead to involvement, engagement from the team and implicitly very good results.

Brightway® consultants support you in building a performance management system that keeps your team motivated and helps them achieve their goals on a monthly basis. Starting from relevant KPIs, internal processes, clear responsibilities and also internal vs. external sources of motivation, you will analyze and implement a customized system for your company with the continous support from our specialists.

Who is it for?

Performance management consulting sessions are suitable for managers who want to improve the results of the team and also boost people's level of satisfaction.







Clarity over individual results. Managers will have clarity about the actual performance of each team member and the contribution to the company.

Adjusting the objectives. Performance monitoring can lead to target repositionsing if unrealistic.

Better relationship with the team. Managers will optimize the relationship with team members through more efficient communication based on results.

Faster decisions. With the indicators' systematization, decisions about each employee's career plan will be easier to make. 

Stress reduction. An effective performance management system can reduce stress levels for managers.



Motivation system. Implementation of a combined system of internal and external motivation of employees.

Monitoring system. Effective monitoring of performance and development needs.

Improving KPIs. Adapting performance indicators to the specifics of each team member's activity, seniority and other differentiating factors.

Team performance. Improving the company's results comes with the increased performance of each team member.

Engagement and loyalty. The company improves people's commitment once an a functional system is implemented.

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