Sales and Logistics System



What is this program about?

The consultancy program for the improvement of the sales and logistics system starts from the thorough analysis of the current system, detailed in the diagnosis section. After evaluating the 'status quo', our consultants offer suggestions and tools for improving the system, in order to maximize the company's potential.

With a lot of experience in different business areas, Brightway® consultants bring an external perspective on the situation of the sales and logistics system and propose strategic ideas, adapted to the specifics of the company. A successful business relies heavily on a strong sales team and an efficient logistics system, so our specialists are ready to provide the tools you need to get better results from tyour teams.

Who is it for?

The program is designed for sales managers from various business areas, both "business to customer" and "business to business" and for distribution and logistics managers.







✓ Team management. For sales and logistics department managers, consulting sessions lead to an efficient management system.

Motivation strategies. Motivation systems applied according to the level of seniority and personality increase the performance of teams.

Effective delegation. With greater clarity on the processes in the sales and logistics system, delegation to the team becomes more precise.

Strategic development tools. Improving the system involves training on specific skills and applying development tools.



Structuring the systems. Sales and logistics systems gain clarity, structure, become easily replicable.

Process optimization. Each process and subprocess is documented and refined.

Team development. Each team member will implement changes that will increase productivity.

Increasing profitability. Consultancy session brings a balance in difficult contexts and increase in sales volume in "business as usual" periods.

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