Sales Process Analysis



What is this program about?

A well-adapted and optimized sales system can balance sales volume even when the overall situation is uncertain. Brightway® sales consultants perform a complete "x-ray" of the sales system, through shadowing with sales agents, job compatibility analysis and individual discussions with managers.

The diagnosis is not an assessment, but a partnership with the members of the sales team to identify their needs and areas for improvement, so that everyone involved in the sales process can benefit from a development. At the end of the diagnosis stage, managers receive a complete report and the specialist's recommendations on directions for improvement and development.

Who is it for?

The program is addressed to sales teams in various fields, both "business to customer" and "business to business".







Personality Analysis. A better understanding of the strengths and also areas open for development.

Matching the job. Organizing daily activities according to compatibility with personality.

Constructive feedback. Direct feedback from a sales specialist on the techniques used in relationship to clients.

Increasing sales. Specific directions for increasing sales.

Improving the relationship with partners. Self-analysis of the relationship with clients and discussions with consultants bring advantages in communication from the diagnosis stage.



Detailed report. An "x-ray" of the sales process and directions open for improvement.

Development plan. Clarity on the steps that management can take to improve results.

External perspective on the company. Brightway consultants provide feedback on the image conveyed to customers.

Team management. Effective placement of responsibilities to the right team members.

Balancing sales figures. Depending on where the company is, it can be a substantial increase in sales volume or a balance in difficult contexts.

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