Finance for NonFinance Online Training | Business simulation Bucharest 13th-14th of May

Finance for NonFinance

[Online] 3rd-4th and 6th-7th of August

What is Finance for NonFinance about?

 ✓ We moved Online! We stay safe and slow down the spread of the virus!
✓ The training takes place through the Cisco Webex platform over a period of 4 days, on August 3 and 4th, 6th, and 7th, plus Follow-Up on September 14 and October 7, 2020.
✓ After the training, the participants receive weekly topics to be implemented with digital-interactive answers.
✓ Although the subject is perceived as a complex one, the interactive simulation generates energy, involvement, and a good mood. We enjoy learning!

What is the online Finance for NonFinance business simulation?
The training takes place online, in the form of a business simulation, during which the participants are the managers of a company, each representing a key area of ​​the market economy: production, services, distribution, banking.

Participants manage the company's resources and make decisions based on economic information, coming to understand financial documents and indicators, market mechanisms, and the impact of their own decisions in the organization they belong to adapted to the current context and market needs.

The online business simulation Finance for NonFinance is aimed at people who work with indicators, budgets, planning, analysis, or other financial information, managers, and entrepreneurs. Being focused on the impact of business decisions, it is useful both for people who do not have the financial knowledge and for those who have studies/experience in this field.

It is essential for the development of strategic management skills.

The online training sessions are grouped 2 by 2, on Mondays and Tuesdays, and on Thursdays and Fridays, respectively, on Wednesday being allocated to practice the presented notions. Between August 10 and October 6, weekly exercises with interactive answers will be sent, concluded by a Follow-Up on September 14 and October 7, between 14:00 and 16:00.

All courses will take place on specialized online platforms, which will start at 13.30 and will last 5 hours.


What do you gain as a participant?

   ✓ Understanding financial documents and concepts of Assets / Liabilities, Profit and Loss Account (P&L), Cash Flow.
   ✓ Methods for interpreting financial indicators to make profitable decisions.
   ✓ A management system based on the efficient management of the cash cycle.
   ✓ Techniques for analyzing competitors and business partners that will increase the success rate in negotiations and decrease the commercial risk.
   ✓ An analysis of the market you work in and opportunities to raise capital/get budget approvals.
   ✓ A strategy for budgeting and planning for future projects.

Trainer - Lucian Arghire

With over 20 years of experience in supporting educational programs for the business environment, Lucian has coordinated numerous training projects in finance, marketing, sales, or entrepreneurship.

With a very practical sense, Lucian has the ability to adapt the academic models to the realities and needs of the companies, based on his experience in top management positions.

He participated as a Local Expert in the strategic consultancy programs of the European Union during the pre-accession period of Romania (2000-2004) and coordinated within the Brightway team over 50 consultancy projects to optimize both national and international business processes.


The investment is 450 EUR + VAT. Individuals receive the VAT value as a discount. The investment is recovered with the first strategical decisions

** The fee includes the workbook and the training manual sent in the electronic format.

Time & Location

The training is held on the 3rd and 4th, 6th and 7th of August, between 13:30-18:30, online, using specialized training end educational video conferencing, online meetings, screen share, and webinars platforms.
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