PCM training [Online 6th-7th-8th and 13th-14th-15th of July]

PCM® Communication Techniques in the actual context

[Online] 6th-7th-8th and 13th-14th-15th of July

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✓ The training is delivered through Cisco Webex in 4-hour sessions, in the following periods 6th-7th-8th and 13th-14th-15th of July (13:00 to 17:00).
✓ Participants will receive implementation homework from one session to another.
✓ We keep the interactivity using experiential learning tools. Even in difficult times, positive energy and humor make everything easier to handle.

What is the PCM® training useful in the actual context?

When facing a threat, people react emotionally and tend to use more often their Reptilian brain and Limbic system (fight/flight/freeze or emotional decisions), rather than the Neocortex (rational thinking).

When the danger is not tangible, these reactions generate a set of irrational behaviors like the panic from the supermarkets, impulsive decisions, aggressivity towards others, etc.

PCM® is a methodology for personality analysis, created by Taibi Kahler and based on over 40 years of research, the model being validated by approximately 1 million completed profiles. The PCM® methodology uses practical tools while interacting with a person, in order to determine in real time their personality traits, psychological needs, stress behavior, and motivational factors that guide their choices.

The PCM® training helps you address the need for human connection that people have in the actual context, offers you communication techniques to keep your colleagues' motivation level high and tools to be persuasive in the relationship with your business partners once the activity restarts.


What will you gain by attending the PCM® course?

✓ You will become aware of the architecture of your personality and you will understand your behavioral and thinking patterns.
✓ You will learn how to motivate yourself and help others to deal with emotional challenges or to adapt to actual changes.
✓ Practical techniques for personality profiling of others in real time based on their verbal, nonverbal, and para-verbal language.
✓ Tools to connect easier with business partners and to make your ideas/messages heard in the actual context.
✓ Motivational strategies adapted to the psychological needs of your team members.
✓ You will diminish the number of conflicts with business partners and family.
✓ You will discover how to identify interaction and management styles that a person prefers.
✓ Persuasion techniques that help you to achieve your goals when sending a message to your business partners.
✓ You will learn in a fun way how to improve the quality of your relations by feeding each personality type with their specific psychological needs.

Trainers: Bogdan Secară and Mihai Arghire

Having the ability to capture the essence of the problems, Mihai Arghire emphasizes the techniques that have immediate applicability in organizations. Through creative working methods, he transforms the training and coaching sessions into real challenges of overcoming the personal barriers of participants. Therefore, he facilitates learning at its utmost.

Mihai adds value to the programs he is involved in, by combining his know-how and business experiences extracted from the various positions that he has accomplished (employee, team manager, entrepreneur, and consultant) with a very good knowledge of the local economy field. (see full profile at Mihai Arghire - Senior Trainer)



The investment is 500 EUR + VAT. Individuals receive the VAT value as a discount. The investment is recovered with the first contexts when applying the tool in the interactions with business partners. 

* The fee includes:
✓ The PCM personality profile and also the workbook in electronic format.
✓ 3 months support from the trainer after the training program (e-mail/call/online meetings).
✓ Weekly implementation homeworks delivered by e-mail during the 3 months support period.

Timimg & location

The training will take place online on Cisco Webex in the following periods 6th-7th-8th and 13th-14th-15th of July, from 13:00-17:00.


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