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Practical Sales Techniques

[Online]  17th-18th and 19th-20th of August

✓ We are Online! Stay safe, flatten the curve, and stop the virus from spreading!
✓ The training will be held online through Cisco Webex platform, in 4h sessions during 4 days, 17th-18th-19th-20th of August, 09:00-13:00.
✓ Participants will receive implementation homework from one session to another.
✓ We keep our fun and interactive delivery style using experiential learning. Even in difficult times, the sense of humor and human positive energy makes everything easier to handle. 

Why is Practical Sales Techniques training useful in the actual context?

We are facing a situation with which mankind never encountered in the past. Nobody knows how the future will look and for sure the present doesn't look in the way we would imagine a few months ago. The changes generated by the spread of the coronavirus transformed the ways in which we can interact with others.

Practical Sales Techniques training aims to develop sales and communication skills with prospects and customers in the actual context. We invite you to view the present as an opportunity to accelerate positive changes, a moment in which people are open to change and united by common goals.

Let's identify together the suitable solutions through which you can secure/develop your client portfolio.


What do you gain as a participant?

   ✓ Strategies for adapting your sales process to market changes. 
   ✓ Tactics of approaching different types of clients.
   ✓ Techniques for a persuasive presentation of the products and services offered.
   ✓ Concrete steps to define a compelling set of arguments.
   ✓ Strategies for making concessions during the sale.
   ✓ Ways to respond to objections and communicate in difficult situations.
   ✓ Levers to attract new customers.
   ✓ An implementation manual to be able to put into practice the received tools.
   ✓ New business partners, the possibility to exchange references and conclude partnerships with the other participants.


Trainer - Mihai Arghire

Having the ability to capture the essence of the problems, Mihai Arghire emphasizes the techniques that have immediate applicability in organizations. Through creative working methods, he transforms the training and coaching sessions into real challenges of overcoming the personal barriers of participants. Therefore, he facilitates learning at its utmost.

Mihai adds value to the programs he is involved in by combining his know-how and business experiences extracted from the various positions that he has accomplished (employee, team manager, entrepreneur, and consultant) with a very good knowledge of the local economy. (see full profile at Mihai Arghire - Senior Trainer)



The investment is 300 EUR + VAT. Individuals receive the VAT value as a discount. The investment is recovered with the first working processes optimized following the course.  


Time & Location

The training will be held online through Cisco Webex platform in 4h sessions, on the 17th-18th-19th-20th of August between 09:00-13:00.

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