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30th of Septembrie-1st of October and 14th-15th of October

What is VBA in Microsoft Excel about?

Microsoft Excel with VBA Training gives Excel users specific insights on how to automate Excel tasks that involve a large amount of data and require time to process.

In this course the participants will learn what is, how and when VBA is used, along with a series of practical examples and key technical notions (the concept of object and object collection, macros, variables and constants, data types, the use of arrays data, control of program flow and decision making, defining and running UDF user-defined functions, managing and dealing with VBA errors, interacting with the user through UserForms, using text boxes, command buttons, combo boxes and other controls).

Microsoft Excel Business with VBA is for advanced Excel users who want to go to the highest level of automation of activities and processes that are carried out repetitively or frequently in Excel or those who want to develop interfaces and user interaction forms.


What do you gain as a participant in the first module?

   ✓ Automate actions performed repeatedly or frequently in Excel by defining VBA procedures and functions.
   ✓ Optimization of data analysis and reporting through automatic procedures.
   ✓ Acquiring the skills to control the execution of the VBA code, by using decisive and repetitive structures.
   ✓ Getting started with using VBA in Excel, Excel object model, object concept and object collection.
   ✓ Recording and running the first macro - the Visual Basic Editor (VBE).
   ✓ Defining and running user defined functions (UDFs) with one or more arguments in VBA.
   ✓ Error management in VBA, types of errors and methods of preventing them.
   ✓ Using dialog boxes, events and methods, designing UserForms.
   ✓ Using text boxes, control buttons, combo boxes and other controls.
   ✓ Case studies, concrete and applicable examples, individual and group exercises, customized solutions to participants' requirements.

What do you gain as a participant in the second module?

   ✓ Advanced automation of actions performed repeatedly or frequently in Excel through VBA procedures and functions.
   ✓ Analysis of how participants implemented VBA in their own activity.
   ✓ Development of applications for the automation of advanced business processes.
   ✓ Advanced VBA programming techniques.
   ✓ Managing files and collections of worksheets in VBA.
   ✓ Optimization of data analysis and reporting through automatic procedures.
   ✓ Generating and processing pivot tables in VBA.
   ✓ Interactions with other applications in VBA.
   ✓ Consultancy from the trainer on the implemented techniques.
   ✓ Case studies and concrete and applicable examples, individual and group exercises, customized solutions to participants' requirements.

Trainer - Alexandra Cernian

Alexandra is a lecturer at the Faculty of Automation and Computers ("Politehnica" University of Bucharest) since 2007 and holds a doctoral degree in Systems Engineering. He has gained significant experience in teaching and research programs in various fields, such as: Artificial Intelligence, RPA, Information Technology, Business Intelligence, Data Mining and Machine Learning. Through her teaching style, Alexandra manages to transform complex and technical digital applications into an interesting learning journey, easy to discover and oriented towards concrete results, while also providing participants with tools that could be easily applied in different corporations.

Alexandra is an expert evaluator in the field of digital innovation for the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 Small and Medium Business Instrument Program. She has participated in numerous national or international projects. Alexandra has over 10 years of experience in training and consulting for process optimization and digital transformation of organizations. As an instructor for functional skills, he has collaborated with more than 75 companies in which he has conducted more than 500 training sessions/workshops. In the Brightway team, Alexandra is the project coordinator that involves the development of digital skills, process automation and the use of software for business intelligence.



The investment is 580 EUR + VAT and includes both modules. Individuals receive the VAT value as a discount. The investment is recovered with the first working processes optimized following the course.  

** The fee includes: support for e-mail implementation after training for 3 months, the workbook, 4 lunches, 8 coffee breaks, buffet with pastries.
** To participate you must have a laptop with Microsoft Excel (version 2010, 2013 or 2016) installed.
** We recommend the use of a laptop with Windows operating system during the course.

Time & Location

The training is held on the 28th-29th of September (the first module) and on the 13th-14th of October (the second module), between 09:00 and 18:00, at Hanul cu Tei, Lipscani Street, no. 63-65, Bucharest.


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