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About Training

✓ We stay safe and prevent the virus from spreading!
✓ The training is delivered in 4-hour sessions, in the following periods 15th-16th & 19th-20th of September (13:00 to 18:30).
✓ Participants will receive implementation homework from one session to another.
✓ We keep the interactivity using experiential learning tools. Even in difficult times, positive energy and humor make everything easier to handle.


What is Strategic Leadership about?

We build a program in the form of practical online training of simulation type, in which participants work in teams of 2-3 people and to build a Strategic Leadership plan - inspirational, scalable, self-functional, designed to solve as many of the challenges as possible.
As participants design and test strategies using behavioral psychology models, they will discover the contexts in which people become motivated, the high level of performance becomes a habit, or adapting to rapid changes in the business environment becomes a continuous process. There are a number of benefits that each participant in such a course enjoys and that will help him to be more efficient and thus give a boost to his career development.
In other words, what can be gained by participating in strategic leadership training?
• setting personal goals as clear as possible, as a result of a method that has proven to be extremely effective in this regard;
• complete efficiency of the organizational chart by deepening the internal procedures and flows in the company;
• in-depth awareness, due to the analysis of past unsuccessful actions, in order to gain wisdom in future approaches;
• additional motivation and energy, due to the fact that we are constantly testing new mechanisms for thinking, adapting, and motivating people, to determine you and help you achieve your goals;
• reorganization of business flows using new applications and tools that help entrepreneurs, managers, leaders;
Through Strategic Leadership Training we address executives, entrepreneurs, department managers with a strategic role in the organization, and especially any leader who wants to implement inspirational work systems, with a high degree of self-functionality.


What do you gain by attending this course?

    ✓ You build a leadership system to solve concrete leadership challenges in your own organizations.

    ✓ Train key skills needed in leadership, receive know-how, work tools, and analyze models leadership applied in successful international organizations.

    ✓ Profitable decisions adopted based on the plan built in the training.

    ✓ You optimize certain processes by adapting them to the current context and training your personal skills to adapt to change.

    ✓ Increased performance by training new skills for managing human and material resources in the current context.

    ✓ New perspectives for solving problems from the experience of colleagues.

    ✓ Clarity by creating a development strategy of the department/organization that takes into account the uncertainty and the evolution of your field.




Investment and organization

Trainer - Lucian Arghire

With over 20 years of experience in supporting educational programs for the business environment, Lucian has coordinated numerous training projects in finance, marketing, sales or entrepreneurship.

With a very practical sense, Lucian has the ability to adapt the academic models to the realities and needs of the companies, based on his experience in top management positions.

He participated as a Local Expert in the strategic consultancy programs of the European Union during the pre-accession period of Romania (2000-2004) and coordinated within the Brightway team over 50 consultancy projects to optimize both national and international business processes.


The investment is 500 EUR + VAT. Individuals receive the VAT value as a discount. The investment is recovered with the first strategical decisions.

* The fee includes:
✓ The workbook in electronic format.
✓ 3 months of support from the trainer after the training program (e-mail/call/online meetings).
✓ Weekly implementation homework delivered by e-mail during the 3 months support period.

Time & Location

The training takes place ONLINE, on 15th-16th & 19th-20th of September (13:00 to 18:30), through Zoom platform.

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