Team Building - Survival Camp - by BrightWay

Survival Camp

What is a bootcamp? Well, it is a sort of training camp. What is Bootcamp Energy? A concept powered by Brightway, a training camp in harmonizing a team. Because yes, a team needs training to learn how to function.

But, hei! This training is very funny! Because it takes relaxation, deconecting from worries and stress, play and fair play competition!

So take your team and come to a pitoresque place, where you can focus to throw away your tensions and improve your team communication!

Pack your bags and join us! We will breathe the thin mountain air and enter Bootcamp Energy!

What will we be doing there? 

✓ We play outside with cleverly team games and we film this fun to understand how we can better communicate in our team;

✓ We find out how creative and perspicacious we really are;

✓ We get to know our colleagues, we practice some sport and we energize ourselves;

✓ We use communication instruments to improve the synergy of the team;

✓ Having fun, having fun, having fun! :) Let’s not forget the reason we are here!

✓ We watch together the videos of our activities and analyse the exercises;

✓ The trainers will sustain a debrief of the activities, offering feedback, so that every participant will get a plan with what activities to implement in order to improve the team communication;

You will also receive an instrument of organizational development

 After the team building programme, using a 360 questionnaire and the exercises you took part in, Brightway trainers will deliver you a report, in order for you to use it to make a change in your company/department. The report includes:

✓ A characterization of the team and of your internal communication;

✓ The roles that each of you prefer, in your team;

✓ The core values of your organization culture;

✓ A characterization of formal and non formal leaders and their work style;

You will return from this trip with unforgettable memories and, very important, with a fresh and determined team.

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