What exactly is a team building powered by Brightway?

An escape to another dimension, where office space is replaced with the raw green of nature and the classic scheme of harmonising a team is taken over by an unique experience. We are talking about an adventure, a discovery one, a discovery of ourselves and of the others.

We are having fun and we are playing, but it is a revealing play. We learn throughout play to work together, to become complementary in a team, to reach a mission together. Without realising, we are training for the days when it will be neccesary to perfectly function like a team, in the most important projects of our company.

How do we train for tomorrow’s performance?

We combine outdoor games with indoor activities, we relax, we discover, we explore. We are using communication instruments to improve the sinergy of the team, we are together looking for solutions, all this while we are having fun! For specific details about every team building program we invite you to see below or to consult the secundary menu from left.

Bootcamp Energy – communication & action & team games& fun


What is Bootcamp Energy? A concept powered by Brightway, a training camp in… harmonizing a team.  A team needs training to learn how to function.


Delta Adventure – exploring& adventure& mistery& team play


What comes to your mind when you say Danube Delta? Mistery water canals, lakes, birds and wild horses, meditation, collectedness.

But Delta is about adventure too! So we would like to call you to this incredible oasis – our Delta is unique in the world, being declared reservation of the biosphere – to relax yourself and, for a few days, to live a story of Adventure together with your team.

So leave the office, the tasks and the agenda. And rediscover yourself and your colleagues. Welcome to Delta Adventure team building! :)

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