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Improvisation and Creative Thinking Training

Improvisation and Creative Thinking


What is Creative Thinking Course?

We live in a world where long-term security and predictability are no longer found in any field of activity. In this context, adaptability at personal and professional level, flexibility, creativity, become key skills to achieve performance. We invite you to discover the art of improvisation in a practical and interactive training that will help you develop these skills in order to achieve results in the shortest possible time.

Who is it for?

This program is addressed to all those who need a new perspective on the goals set and the ways in which they can successfully reach them.


Awareness. A series of awareness-raising activities to generate internal changes.

New behaviors. Practical exercises to turn a new behavior into a habit.

Creativity in thinking. A set of creative thinking tools that can be applied both in individual projects and with a team.

Adaptability. A strategy to enhance creativity according to the thinking style adopted.

Social proof. A participation diploma, which confirms the completion of the program of improvisation and creative thinking and the level of knowledge acquired, issued by one of the most recognized training companies in the market.


New approaches. New and creative ways to build a team project with limited resources.

Innovation. Techniques for implementing an innovation process within the team in order to get new ideas and generate more productivity.

Changing perspective. Effective techniques to change the perspective on a situation and the strategic roles of each team.

Personal challenges. New perspectives and experiential learning for the optimization of the projects leading to a better time/human management and the investment of the resources saved in other key activities.

Social proof. Participants become aware and start to own their role, the package of benefits they receive from the organization becoming an investment and not just a cost.

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