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Microsoft Access


What is Microsoft Access Course?

Microsoft Access is a database management program. It allows both the creation of databases locally and the creation of applications that can be easily used by less experienced users.

Through this MS Access training you will learn how to create and manage a database so that you can customize different types of searches, filters and operations according to your specific work processes. In this way, you will make working with large data sets of high complexity more efficient.

Who is it for?

The Microsoft Access program is for beginners or mid-level users who want to create and manage certain databases for substantially improving the way they work and various internal processes.


Databases and tables. Techniques for creating and modifying tables and correlations between different elements of a database.

Automation. Actions to automate work processes and extract the necessary information through queries.

Practical aplicability. Theoretical notions with relevant examples from the business sphere and successful presentations.

Professional assistance. 3 months of assistance by telephone or email from the trainer for the successful implementation of the instruments received.

Social proof. Obtaining a participation diploma that confirms the progress of the program and the level of knowledge acquired.


 Adaptability. Strategies for adapting a database so that it can be easily used even by a novice user.

Economy. Strategies for creating processes that save time, money and other resources.

The team's know-how. Acquiring working techniques that can be subsequently transmitted to other team members.

Professionalism. Importing/Exporting a database and steps for structuring information in clear and concise reports.

Interactivity. Networking, new partners and business connections.

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