Brightbiz - Financial Management Training (Finance4Nonfinance Business Simulation)

Details financial management
What does brightbiz® mean?
Brightbiz is a financial management training after which you will manage to make profitable decisions based on economical information. Using financial management tools, you will be able to do a financial analysis of your clients, and competitors. It is very important to mention the fact that your participation doesn't require any financial/accounting knowledge or background. 

The course is practically a business simulation which emphasis on the financial argumentation and analysis of the decisions which you usually make just based on experience or intuition.

To whom do we address this financial management program?
It is open to all persons who are involved in the decision processes of the organization, CEOs, managers, team leaders, coordinators.
What you'll practically do at this financial management training?
- you will be a part of a team and simulate the management board of a company; 
- you will train to use and interpret financial documents;
- you will make decisions using professional financial management tools;
- you will create short and long term strategies for your company;
- you will realize a financial analysis of a company present on the Romanian market.
Guarantees financial management
Participants opinions (see complete feedback reports at Testimonials):

Shared experience, lots of practical exercises and examples during the course helps you to understand where is your company positioned in the market, where are your competitors and all the things that happen around you ... General Manager Call Center - Romtelecom

During the course we encountered many market situations and we had to adapt very fast ... I will use and apply them when I make my managerial decisions ... Logistic Coordinator - Wienerberger Sisteme de Caramizi
My participation to this Brightway training will help me to understand financial figures, evaluate the business performance and take measures in the weak points. ... General Manager - Cortrom B.G.

The information were presented so that everybody could understand (engineers, economists, doctors), they were delivered in a practical way, as a set of management tools ... Commercial Director - Agricola International Bacau
Benefits financial management
What will you gain if you attend the brightbiz program?

1. Professionally:
- the ability to read and analyze the balance sheet and profit/loss account; 
- a system for analyzing your clients payment capacity;
- techniques to optimize costs and increase profitability; 
- a strategy for analyzing your company's position in comparison with your competitors;
- a system that allows you to make decisions based on financial indicators; 
- a practical method to elaborate a financial analysis for a specific company; 
- a common language between the management and economic department.
2. Materially:
- a professional collage videos and photos made during the training;
- a diploma that certifies your participation;
- a Brightbiz home workbook with the discussed topics;
- net financial gains after you apply the tools received at this financial management training;
- new business partners ( 90% of attendants at this financial management training develop business connections).

- a 100 lei voucher to participate at a negotiation or leadership training program at your choice;
- the book "Yes or No - Guide to better decisions" written by Spencer Johnson.

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