Brightlink - Communication and Negotiation Training

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What does brightlink® mean?

Brightlink is a communication and negotiation training at which you will train to use professional negotiation tactics to win money, time and reduce your stress level. This open training is a practical simulation during which you will analyze the problems and challenges that you face with in daily negotiations and communications.

This training will transform you in a smart and balanced negotiator not only in professional activities, but also in personal life matters. You will develop the skills of reading people by their actions and by the way they express their feelings and thoughts.

To whom do we address this negotiation training?
CEOs, managers, team leaders, coordinators, sales tam, acquisition department, any person involved in negotiation and communication activities.

What will you practically do at this negotiation training?
- you will be a part of a negotiating team;
- you will train to use professional brightlink negotiation tools;
- you will analyze verbal and nonverbal language of your partners;
- you will learn how to implement presented concepts in your organization.

Guarantees negotiation
Participants' opinions (see complete feedback forms at Testimonials):

We would like you to know that the transformation produced by your training programs gave us a considerable doze of trust in our own abilities and the belief that solution are more numerous than problems ... Partener PBA

This training makes you realize your mistakes and help you find solutions in a professional way. The training environment is extraordinary and beside the things you learn, you can encounter business opportunities discussing and socializing with other participants. It was totally worth my participation ... Director General - Webevolution

The management tools which I received at this training are very useful in the current activity of our company. I consider myself a lucky person because I met Brightway trainers ... Director Marketing - Triozon

Benefits negotiation
What will you gain if you attend the brightlink program?

1. Professionally:

- a strategy for making the profile of your negotiation partners;
- a set of techniques for difficult negotiation;
- tactics to send the right messages to your negotiation partners;
- tools to understand and interpret nonverbal language;
- practical advices from international experts;
- concrete steps for the preparation of an important negotiation;
- methods for solving conflicts.

2. Materially:
- a professional collage videos and photos made during the training;
- a diploma that certifies your participation;
- a brightlink home workbook with the discussed topics;
- net financial gains after you apply the tools received at this negotiation training;
- new business partners (90% of attendants at this negotiation training develop business connections).

- a 100 lei voucher to participate at a financial management or leadership training program at your choice;
- the book "Ideas are free" written by Alan G. Robinson and Dean M. Schroeder.

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