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Public Speaking


WWhat is Public Speaking Course?

The Public Speaking program includes all the tools necessary for organizing and sustaining a speech, in the sense of structuring a presentation in clearly defined stages, establishing the key tools for sending the right message to the audience and requesting feedback. During the course, we discover together different types of communication, audiences as well as speakers, along with the limitations that may occur in terms of time and environment or any emotional blockages that appear along the way. 

Who is it for?

The Public Speaking program is aimed at all those who want to give a public speech in a perfect way or to learn to build interesting ways to give presentations or send a message.


Organizing your speech. Establishing the clear stages of the presentation and its specific features.

The speech's evolution. Understanding the tools of sending the right message according to your audience, speaker and presentation type.

Overcoming obstacles. Presenting the possible technical and emotional obstacles and the ways to overcome them.

Practical aplicability. Analyzing certain presentation skills based on a practical example, supported by each participant.

Managing your emotions. Practical ways to reduce anxiety when speaking in front of groups of people.


Efficient communication. Supporting cursive, clear and well-organized speeches within the organization.

Staff motivation. Increasing self-confidence as the main element in the public expression of one's ideas.

Team development. The personal development opportunities give a good tone to the team and help achieve the objectives faster.

 Professionalism. The way in which the message is transmitted confirms the quality level to which the company refers.

Inspiration. A successful speech manages to convey not only information, but also emotions. It is meant to inspire others.

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