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Strategic LeaderShip Training

Strategic Leadership


What is Strategic Leadership training?

It takes place in the form of a practical training, simulation type, in which the participants work in 4-5 teams of 2-3 people and have to build a Strategic, Inspirational, Scalable, Self-Functional Leadership plan, meant to solve as many leadership problems from any type of organization as possible. 

As participants design, test and build plans, using models and concepts from behavioral psychology, they will discover the contexts in which people become motivated, their performance becomes a habit and constantly adapt to rapid changes in the business environment.

Participants also discover that they can apply the concepts/models in their personal life, in relationships with their life partners, children, friends, etc ..., being motivated to absorb and apply as much of the new "leadership technologies".

Who is it for?

Strategic Leadership is addressed to Managing Partners/Administrators, CEOs, Team Leaders/Heads of Department, Individuals, Team Leaders and to those want to design, implement, develop Inspirational, Scalable, Performing work systems with a great degree of self-functionality, constantly adapting to changes in the business environment.


Motivation. You will test during the training mechanisms of thinking, adapting and motivating people to reach their goals.

New skills. A process of assimilating new leadership skills in a practical way. 

Awareness. Analysis of past failures, wisdom in future approaches. 

Personal objectives. Setting SMART objectives, transferable competence in personal and organizational plan.

Motivation and energy. We will generate positive energy and motivation to immediately apply everything you learn, as a result of visualizing possible solutions.


Performance. Predictabilty. Self-functionality by acquiring the stages of the Strategic Leadership plan.

Quick integration. Less time for human resources induction by clarifying the learning stages.

Avoiding mistakes. Creating a Yes/No personal board, avoiding costly decisions in the future.

Adaptability. Continuously redesigning the operational flows, as a result of changes in the business environment. 

Team motivation. Creating good practice directions and motivating employees to act in a common direction. 


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