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Stress Management Training

Stress Management


What is Stress Management Course?

The Stress Management training will help you discover the ingredients of a balanced life and learn effective emotion management and understanding techniques. It takes place in the form of a workshop where you will understand the elements that underlie certain reactions, habits and feelings in your life. During this training you will construct and discover in a creative way strategies for stress management through which you regain the control and the desired balance in your personal and professional life.

Who is it for?

Stress Management is aimed at people who want to cope better with stress at work or who want a better balance between their personal and professional life. It is also addressed to those who want a better understanding of emotions and how they can be used as a resource.


Emotional intelligence. The ability to name and identify yours and your close ones' emotions.

Stress Management. A practical plan for stress management. 

Personal organization​. An efficient way of managing professional activities. 

Assertive behavior. Concrete actions to develop the ability to empathize with others. 

Personal objectives. An effective strategy for establishing personal goals and the action plan.


Team development. The personal efficiency of the key people in the company.

Optimizing relationships within the company. Improving relationships with others.

Improving interactions with partners​. Creating an easier connection with customers and business partners. 

Positive energy and vitality. Better management of emotions in the office and thus the creation of a more pleasant working environment. 

Solving conflicts. Better management of difficult, tense cases or even conflicts in the organization.

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