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What is Microsoft Excel with VBA Training?

We first explain what the functionality of this program is and what VBA means in addition to the basic functions that Excel offers us.

In practice, we are talking about a code. Let's start with Visual Basic, which is a computer programming system created and owned entirely by Microsoft. Its initial purpose was to streamline the writing of programs for the Windows operating system, for computers.

Visual Basic for Application with the acronym VBA is an extremely powerful subset of the Visual Basic programming language that comes bundled with most Office programs and applications. With the VBA extension we can automate the processes we currently use in Office apps, but what is even more interesting is that we can streamline them between the apps. In other words, the apps can communicate with each other.

To automate any repetitive process, we can access and record macro commands in Microsoft Excel. Regardless of the order of the data or the random format, you can apply a unique format to all of them. Because whenever we need those applied functions, we can set a macro command, and manage to make our work considerably easier by becoming efficient and shortening the execution time.

In short, Microsoft Excel Business Training Program with VBA gives Excel users specific insights on how to automate Excel tasks that involve a large amount of data and require time to process.

In this course participants will learn what VBA is, how and when it is used, along with a series of practical examples and key technical notions: object concept and object collection, macro commands or macros, variables and constants, data types, use of arrays data, program flow control and decision making, defining and running UDF (user-defined functions), managing and handling errors in VBA, user interaction through UserForms, using text boxes, command buttons, combo boxes, and many other controls.

Who is it for?

The Microsoft Excel Business Course with VBA was designed especially for advanced Excel users who want to move to the highest level of automation of activities and processes.

If you use Microsoft Excel repetitively or frequently or you want to develop user interaction interfaces and forms, then you've come to the right place.






Programming. Advanced VBA programming techniques and the development of structured thinking. 

Automation. Simplifying certain tasks, saving time that can be reinvested in other projects.

Practical aplicability. Case studies and concrete examples from one's own activity.

Interactivity. Individual and group exercises, solutions tailored to the participants' requirements.

Social proof. A participation diploma that confirms the level of knowledge in VBA.


Process optimization. Automating repetitive or frequent actions in Excel.

Effective reporting​. Optimizing data analysis and reporting through automatic procedures.

VBA aplications. Development of highly interactive VBA applications through the use of custom controls, forms and interfaces.

Managing large volumes of data​. Managing large files and collections of worksheets in VBA. 

Integration. Interactions with other applications in VBA.

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