What does a manager do? ⭐ Job description, responsibilities, skills

What does a manager do? ⭐ Job description, responsibilities, skills

Those who search online for "What does a manager do" may be interested in many aspects: what responsibilities they will have in their new position, what duties their direct superior has, what information they need to put in their CV for such a position, etc. That's why Brightway® experts have decided to briefly present you all the information you need in a three-part article.

I. What does a manager do? Job description

According to the job description, a manager has the following duties:

- sets the overall objectives of the company, in line with the strategy of the board of directors;

- approves the income/expenditure budget and its amendments;

- identifies various business opportunities;

- represents the company in relations with partners, customers, etc..;

- ensures the management of the company (negotiating the collective labour contract, periodical investigations/evaluations related to the quality of work, controlling/supervising the activity of departments, monitoring the implementation of decisions and evaluating their effects, taking responsibility for wrong/unfounded decisions, setting objectives of subordinate managers and deadlines, developing means of motivating employees, ensuring a positive climate at the workplace, approving leave, setting measures to make the activity more efficient, etc.).

II. What does a manager do? Responsibilities

As far as responsibilities are concerned, they are numerous, taking into account the scope of such a position, but also the job description, a dense one (as you have already noticed):

- Coordinates the work of the company or firm, ensuring its smooth running from all points of view;

- delegates tasks and duties to subordinates, making sure they are distributed fairly and according to the skills and competences of each team member;

- liaises with business partners and other entities, being the representative of the company (with all that this role entails - know-how, image, etc.);

- is responsible for a positive mood within the company, being responsible for identifying/resolving potential conflicts and finding ways to improve cohesion (e.g. by organising teambuildings) etc.

III. What does a manager do? Skills

In terms of skills, a manager must be distinguished by the following qualities, either innate and practised (there are some people who seem "made" for management positions, as it is easier for them to master the whole "arsenal" of responsibilities), or acquired through courses, training, etc., such as those offered by us:

- very good communicator (to express clearly, concisely and firmly the message conveyed, either internally or externally);

- organisational skills (individual responsibilities belong to the employee, but group responsibilities fall to the manager, e.g. setting deadlines, checking the quality of work, etc.);

- increased adaptability (a quick and positive reaction to change, stress, crisis, etc., attitude makes the difference in such situations);

- empathy and understanding (a manager must be able to put himself in the shoes of his employees, to understand them and to adapt to their specificity/personality/way of working, so as to get the most out of everyone, for the benefit of the organisation);

- professionalism and sense of responsibility (last but not least, a good manager is characterised by an impeccable work ethic and a sense of duty above that of the rest of the employees, and can sometimes be labelled a "workaholic").

In conclusion, now you know what a manager does, what a good manager is and whether you, a certain colleague or the current occupants of that position can live up, literally and figuratively, to such a position.

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  1. What does a manager do? ⭐ Job description, responsibilities, skills