The core of each business is defined by the people that are a part of it. @ Choose them wisely. 

For the employer
For the employee
For Employers

We support partner companies in the recruitment and selection process and offer long-term specialized support by defining periodic evaluation strategies. We use specialized tools to accurately identify and select those candidates that are the closest match to the ideal profile that the recruitment manager require. Moreover, we analyze and match people not only based on their competences, but also by the personality type most suitable in your team.


We aim to definde the roles  as good as possible in order to provide the personalized and complete solutions to recruit the right people for the organization. The methodology we use includes the following steps:

✓ Diagnosis and analysis of workflows within the organization;
✓ Support in defining the ideal profile of the candidate and the job descriprions;
✓ Carrying out and adjusting career plans;
✓ Clarifying the performance evaluation methods;
✓ Advertising for free positions on the approved channels;
​✓ Applying personality and / or skills questionnaires to evaluate the matching percentage with the job description;
✓ Screening and joint interviewing candidates.

In-house evaluation

To provide long-term support for our partners, we offer continuous evaluation services within the company and consultancy in the internal selection and promotion processes:

✓ Periodic evaluation;
✓ 360 ° feedback;
✓ Defining the ideal profile for management positions;
✓ Personality profiling of internal candidates;
✓ Checking the job compatibility for internal candidates;
✓ Suggestions and directions for conducting one-to-one discussions.

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