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Train to become a sales top performer
The technological progress in the last years and the medical, social and economical challenges that we face have changed the way we interact with clients and prospects. Peoples' needs hierarchy, buying motivations and behaviors are different from the way they were a few months ago. We propose you a sales course that delivers practical sales techniques adapted to the actual context during which you will reposition your sales processes and you will train your team to become 10 times better than your competitors.

Why is a Sales Training useful in the actual context?

The sales team is the engine of your company. Even support departments that offer assistance to clients without making proactive sales actions are one of the key elements that give the reputation of your organization in your industry. A development program for the sales team is an insurance that you have the right people on sales roles and can generate concrete business results by improving the sales performance indicators.
Telesales & Customer Service

Customer counseling and proactive communication are key skills in a world where digitalization and speed govern our daily choices.

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B2B/B2C Sales Techniques

Improve your sales skills and optimize the process of customer interaction through a Sales and Communication interactive training.

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B2C Advisory Sales Techniques

The B2C advisory sales course is aimed at sales teams that offer products and services to the final customer, receive customers in the shop/showroom/clinic, or contact them to provide guidance in hypermarkets, events, fairs or exhibitions.

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Customer Care

The Customer Care program helps you train your communication skills. Offer your customers memorable experiences!

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Negotiation and Persuasion

They say in life you don't receive what you deserve, but what you negotiate. Join our Negotiation training and become an expert in the art of negotiation. 

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Feedback is always very important to us. See what the participants think about our programs, how they managed to apply the tools they received, and what was the practical usefulness of the concepts learned.
The Brightway experiences are based on the idea of business simulation and hands-on learning. We recreate real business contexts through which participants find themselves in decision-making situations and a "live" organizational context. Sign up now!
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