B2B/B2C Sales Techniques



What is B2B or B2C Sales Course?

To start with, in the market we have a lot of services tradable between business-to-government, business-to-business, business-to-consumer, direct-to-consumer, customer-to-business, and obviously that the list can go on. But we keep our focus on the two most common forms, and these are business-to-business and business-to-consumer.

For both, we have designed experiential training programs based on the necessary sales techniques depending on the specifics of the activity that your company carries out. Whether we are talking about B2B interaction or B2C advisory sales.

We have built a sales training program in the form of an interactive simulation, in which you will train to improve your personal sales skills and communication with customers. At the same time, you will receive a set of practical techniques to better structure your sales process, concretely improving certain performance indicators.

Who is it for? 

Like any training that contains sales techniques, it is addressed to anyone who wants to acquire new techniques and skills to perform.

We dedicate it to sales consultants, entrepreneurs, managers, but also to other team members, from related departments, who do not work directly in sales but want to understand the process as a whole.






Action plan. A clear structure of the optimal sales steps in your field of activity. 

Market prospecting. A prospecting and customer approach strategy applicable in the market in which you operate. 

Persuasion. A set of persuasion and presentation techniques that help you be more convincing. 

Communication techniques. Concrete actions to improve communication with difficult customers. 

Market analysis. Methods for analyzing the target audience for your products/services. 


Organization and communication. Creating a measurable internal process through a set of KPIs.

Procedures. A system of clear and easy to use processes, accompanied by time adjustment methods.

Conversion rates. Techniques for increasing the number of meetings and contracts signed. 

Customer evaluation. Methods of identifying the personal style of every client and adapting the approach. 

Customer loyalty. Better customer relationship directly reflected in the customer retention rate. 


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