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What is the Sales Academy?

The Sales Academy is a unique program for developing the sales team and optimizing customer interaction processes.

The program is 100% dedicated to your company, being built on the basis of a diagnostic process and a thorough analysis of meetings with clients made by Brightway®​ consultants together with each member of the sales team.


Key steps and results:

An "X-ray" of the sales team. A report that provides an overview of the sales team and processes from an external perspective, accompanied by a strategic action plan. The report is based on observations from client/prospect meetings in which Brightway®​ consultants participate with each team member and individual discussions with each person involved in the sales process.

Analysis of each employee's position. Using a psychometric instrument and a profile of the roles within the sales team defined together with the top management, for each participant we will perform an analysis of his/her role in the sales team, accompanied by a development plan.

Consultancy for process optimization. A multidisciplinary team of experienced consultants with proven results in the management of sales teams works together with the company management to make the existing sales processes more efficient.

Training modules for skills development. Through experiential learning, each member of the team is trained to use communication, persuasion, and negotiation tools, developing new skills.

Shadowing and feedback on the job. Each participant will receive feedback from the trainers who will accompany the team members during the interactions with the clients.

Implementation and follow-up projects. The Brightway®​ consultants will establish with the management of the company transformation projects with measurable objectives and will support the team for their implementation.

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