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✓ We are ONLINE! Stay safe, flatten the curve, and stop the virus from spreading!

We want to use this period as an OPPORTUNITY to do strategic actions and adapt to the changes we are going through. 

We invite you to use the available time to develop essential abilities to overcome this difficult period. What we do TODAY is vital for tomorrow's results! 


We will hold all our training sessions online, using professional platforms that allow as much interaction as possible between participants and the trainer. 

 We keep our fun and interactive delivery style using experiential learning. Even in difficult times, the sense of humor and human positive energy makes everything easier to handle. 

The structure of the training sessions has changed, each one of them will be divided into smaller 4 hours sessions. Check the details for each training! 



23rd-24th-25th and

28th-29th-30th of September

Communicating in the actual context using PCM® - ONLINE

Use the context of today as an opportunity! Discover the PCM® methodology to determine in real time someone's personality traits, distress behavior, reactions, and psychological needs. Find out the motivational factors that guide the choices of those around you in the current context.

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20th of October 2020 -

3rd of June 2021

Leadership Academy

Unique organizational development and transformation program addressed to top management, specially built for your organization profile, based on a diagnostic process and a set of measurable objectives established together with the participants.

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20th-21st, 23rd-24th of October

Strategic Leadership - BUCHAREST

Analyze your team and create a personalized leadership system. Discover the motivations that can underlie the positive changes of the people in your team, adapting the information to the needs created by the context of the Pandemic.

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26th-27th-28th-29th of October

Middle and first time manager - ONLINE

Managers are experiencing challenging times. If you are a middle or a first time manager, the way you manage people and resources from your team is more important than ever. Train to apply in your activity leadership and management tools!

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Feedback is always very important to us. See what the participants think about our programs, how they managed to apply the tools they received, and what was the practical usefulness of the concepts learned.
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