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Implement a leadership system for the sustainable development of your organization!
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What is the Leadership Academy?

Leadership Academy is a unique program of organizational development and transformation, addressed to top management, following two directions:

✓ Training the top management team to make decisions and implement the vision of the organization;

✓ Implementing a leadership system that ensures the sustainable development of the organization, in the current context of the market, taking into account the challenges generated by technological progress and economic/social changes.

The program is built specifically for your organization, based on a diagnostic process and a set of measurable goals set with the participants.


Key steps and results:

Diagnosis of the existing leadership system. The diagnostic process includes: making process diagrams, highlighting the critical areas that determine the performance, individual discussions with each person who has a management role, and an analysis of the organizational culture using psychometric tools. The conclusions present an overview of the existing leadership system and a concrete plan of strategic actions to achieve the organization's objectives.

Clarification of Vision / Mission / Values and their implementation strategy​. The participants will analyze the vision/mission/values of the organization and how they are implemented in each process and level of the organization, generating new strategies for consolidating/changing the organizational culture.

Motivational systems and performance management​. Participants will experience, in business simulations, the impact of different leadership styles, will be aware of their style and will use performance management tools. Analyzing their organization, each participant will build and implement new methods of motivation and talent management throughout the program.

Training modules for skills development​. Through experiential learning, each manager is trained to use management, communication, persuasion, and leadership tools, developing new skills.

Executive coaching and consultancy. Each participant will be assisted in the process of changing an executive coach and will benefit from the know-how of Brightway® consultants in implementation projects with measurable objectives.

Change management and tracking results​. Participants will be trained to make decisions in the context of economic, social and technological changes. The results in relation to the objectives set by each participant at the beginning of the program will be constantly monitored.

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