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Personal Development Training

Profesionalismul Brightway se reflectă în metodologia folosită în livrarea trainingurilor. Organizăm sesiuni practice pentru dezvoltarea abilităților (soft-skills & tehnice) sub forma unor simulări de business interactive, care îi provoacă pe participanți să descopere soluții reale, aplicabile într-un timp foarte scurt.
Programele personalizate de consultanță ajută la cristalizarea informațiilor și tehnicilor învățate și oferă optimizarea pe termen lung a proceselor de business.
Personal Development
Communication Techniques using PCM® methodology

Discover the PCM® methodology to determine in real-time the personality traits of an individual, their psychological needs, stress behavior, and motivational factors that guide their choices.

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Be a SMART Assistant Manager & Back Office

Learn how to be effective in Assistant Manager and Back Office positions. Become a trusted contact for the whole company!

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Improvisation and Creative Thinking

Discover the art of improvisation in a practical and interactive training that will help you develop your creativity in order to achieve results in the shortest time possible.

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Public Speaking

The Public Speaking training by Brightway helps you identify the ideal way to make successful presentations that can touch your auditory's minds and hearts.

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Stress Management

Join our stress management and emotional intelligence training and enter the mysterious world of emotions and working with yourself. 

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Time Management

People who never have enough time, do the least. Train in an interactive time management simulation​.

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Feedback is always very important to us. See what the participants think about our programs, how they managed to apply the tools they received, and what was the practical usefulness of the concepts learned.
The Brightway experiences are based on the idea of business simulation and hands-on learning. We recreate real business contexts through which participants find themselves in decision-making situations and a "live" organizational context. Sign up now!
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Programe de dezvoltare organizațională și soluții inovatoare care te ajută să câștigi timp, bani și înțelepciune.
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