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What is Time Management Course?

People who never have time do the least things - if this sounds familiar then you've come to the right place.

The high volume of information, in a world where change and volatility are certain, makes the ability to set priorities and make the right decisions quickly essential to achieving results. And because we often fall into the trap of overestimating our time spent on various activities or failing to take into account the various major causes that may occur in our program, we reach stress points where time alone is not our friend.

Lately, we've heard quite often how time has compressed and we truly feel that we do not have enough hours in a day to deal with everything. No matter the reason you are feeling short on your working schedule, we are offering a training program that will help us no matter how many hours we work per day.

A Time Management Course for you and your team. The training takes place in the form of an interactive simulation (The Treasure from the Carpathians) during which you will become aware of the unproductive habits at the individual/organizational level and you will train to apply tools to increase productivity.

Who is it for?

Time Management Training is addressed to people/teams who need a new perspective on managing daily activities to achieve their goals. Anyone who feels that the periods they are going through are a little longer than they can handle is the perfect character to test the course and benefit from personal and professional improvements.






Objectives and priorities. Methods for prioritizing tasks and managing large volumes of work.

Dynamic activity planning. A system for efficient planning of daily activities.

Management of interruptions​. Tools for reducing interruptions and "dead moments".

Personal balance. Strategies to devote time to things that are truly important to you.

Increased productivity. Action plan for achieving professional results.


Efficiency and productivity​. Solutions for optimizing workflows so that results-generating activities become a priority.

Organization. Improving internal organization processes and increasing team productivity by implementing a set of KPIs.

Respecting deadlines. Tools to meet deadlines in projects managed by team members.

Waste of time. Strategies for identifying critical areas that generate low productivity and for eliminating them.

Common language. Using a common language for everything related to the organization of daily projects and activities within the company. 

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