Senior Sales Manager Academy

Train your Senior Sales Management team to conquer a new strategic level in your organization!
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What is the Senior Sales Manager Academy?

Held exclusively as an Open program, SSMA has the role of bringing together multiple visions of decision-makers with extensive sales experience. By going through the stages of this academy, each participant develops long-term strategic thinking, which optimally positions the entire sales department in the macrostructure of the company. In addition, participants will have a process of awareness of their role in solving existing conflicts in the organization and in preventing stressed emotional situations.

The program is unique and it is addressed to the Sales Managers who have exhausted all the stages of assimilating new concepts in their area of expertise and wish to dive deeper to the next level - the one of inter-departmental strategic thinking.


Key steps and results:

Financial strategy notions. Key concepts related to profitability and adapting your decisions according to all the elements that can influence the financial indicators.

Business thinking know-how. Through business simulations and experiential learning methods, participants learn to make decisions based on financial and operational information, work with budgets, and make forecasts.

Stress management in the organization​. Starting from communication concepts and going all the way to working with case studies, the participants understand the usefulness of emotions and the way they manifest in managing different types of stress within the organization.

Integrative projects. The participants have the opportunity to create and present at the end, their own projects drawn during the academy, in front of the group of experts and the other guests.

Experience exchange. Participants strengthen their knowledge by exposing, comparing, and validating ideas in a group of experts at the same level, in different industries​.

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